Twitter API

Parsley's Twitter API calls are a nice way to keep content live and dynamic on your website. It can also be used in creative way for marketing campaigns or even utilities like commenting. Using twitter in creative ways can help your content get shared.

Using the Twitter API requires you to register with Twitter as an application. There are two steps to this process.

Step 1: Setup a Twitter App for your Domain

Head over to and create an application your for your domain. You will need a read only app (read/write will work the same). When you are complete with the setup form on Twitter you will need to create an Access Token.

Step 2: Add your Auth and Token information in Zesty

Log into your Zesty Website. Open up General Site Settings. On this view you will see Twitter as a setting option in the left Navigation. Click the Twitter link and copy your Consumer Key, Consumer secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret into the respective fields in Zesty. Save and head into the Zesty code editor.

Note! You are only allowed 150 request per hour from Twitter. If you surpass this you can use javascript to store request strings to local storage.


loop through hashtags in twitters.

api.twitter.getUserFeed(screen_name, limit)

Get recent tweets from a user's feed.,limit)

Search through recent tweets.