*Please note any page set as "Hidden from Public" or with a "Publish on" date set after today will not show up in any navigation call. Those pages are still accessible through direct links. To learn more please read this article.

Main Site Navigation

Navigation will access your Zesty Navigation Structure and output it as an HTML list. By default Zesty will mimic the exact content navigation layout you find in the Zesty Content Manager.

Section Links

The {{ sectionlinks }} call looks at the current page you are on and reaches up to its upmost parent to create a side navigation as an HTML list.


Zesty can automatically generate breadcrumbs. It will use the "Link Title" field for each page in the tree.

For example, the URL /music/guitars/taylor/grand-auditorium/taylor-514ce-fall-limited/ will be outputted like this:

Zesty breadcrumb output