Curated Social Feed

With Zesty you can create a curated feed of blended content from your associated social networks which provides a powerful way to manage your brand's social content on your marketing web properties. This is a feature that must be activated, contact your sales representative to learn more.

Add a Social Feed

Start by adding a social network source. Click the "add" button to open a dialog box where you can select a social source and type; then enter your search term based on that type, e.g. a username for the user type, search term for hashtag, etc. Once you click "Add Feed" you will see your social network source appear as one of your selectable feeds on the left hand list. Go ahead and add as many social feeds as you would like.

Selecting Content

Once you have added a social feed click on the feed to load the latest content from that social network. You will now be able to scroll through the feed and drag and drop any entries that you want to appear in your curated feed to the far right column. This is your "curated feed". Once an item is in your curated feed you can use the drag icon to rearrange the social posts into your desired order.

Managing Your Curated Feed

Once you have built up a curated feed there are a few actions you can take to manage the feed.

Publish / Unpublish

Once you have placed a post in your curated feed you will need to "publish" it to make it appear on your public feed. This can be done by clicking the "publish" button at the bottom of the post in its actions list, this will publish it immediately. Then to "unpublish" simply click the "unpublish" button that will appear in the same location.


When hovering over a post in your curated feed you will see an "X" icon appear in the top right corner of the post. Clicking this will remove the post from your curated feed and re-add it to its associated social feed.


With scheduling you will be able to build up a planned set of social content. This works really well for aligning content with marketing calendars. Clicking the "schedule" button will trigger a date/time popup which will let you schedule the publishing of the content down to the minute. Once a date is scheduled you will see it appear in place of the schedule button. This is a quick way to know if a post is already scheduled and when.

From the date/time popup if you select "clear" it will remove the date and publish the content immediately. If necessary click "unpublish" to remove the post from your public feed.


The order of the curated feed posts determines the order in which they will appear when rendered in the template. Use the drag icon to rearrange posts as necessary. Click the drag icon and drag a post to where you want it to appear in your curated feed. When you release the drag icon, the post will be inserted in the list where it was being hovered.

Items in the curated feed are displayed minimized by default. Clicking the post will expand to the complete content.