Migrate from WordPress to Zesty.io

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Moving your website from one platform to the next is never an easy task, however at Zesty,io, we want to attempt to make this transition as easy as possible. We have made a guide that will show you the essential tools that you can use to move the majority of your website info and framework to Zesty in a short amount of time.

Extracting a CSV of Articles

To move from one platform to another, it is often easier to use a CSV if you have large amounts of information, and data. a CSV is essentially a spreadsheet containing specific information, you have designated for it to have. For a detailed guide to accomplish this, lease click here.

Importing CSV of Articles into Zesty.io

If you have successfully extracted a CSV of your articles, or already have one from a previous website, this guide will show you how to import it right into Zesty.io

[Extracting Media from WordPress]()

This guide helps you move your media from your WordPress uploads folder off of your server, and gets it ready to upload into Zesty.io

Importing Media into your Zesty.io Media folder

This guide helps you import all of your Media into Zesty.io from a local folder. WIth these few simple steps, all of your media can be avaibke to publish on your website in a short amount of time.

Importing your HTML and CSS

This guide will show you how to import and connect your HTML web pages and your CSS styles from your old website in Wordpress to your Zesty.io website.

Google Webmasters Integration

Once you have moved everything over from WordPress to your new site on Zesty.io, it is essential to set up your 301 redirect links to work well with Google and Zesty.io. We show you how to here.