Import Media into

Now that you have successfully taken all of your WordPress media and extracted it onto your local machine, you are ready to import it all directly into the media library. To accomplish this, make sure you are logged in and viewing the dashboard for your website in the Site Manager. From here you can select the Media tab in the upper left corner as shown below: Alt text

Once your media tab has been selected, you will be presented with a different page. Does the one below look like your screen now? Alt text

From here you will select “choose files to upload” This will open a file selection window for you. Go ahead and navigate to the folder with all the Media files you wish to import. From here, you can select all files at once. accepts all major media file types: Alt text

Once you have selected all the media you want to import, go ahead and click accept, or the word similar to confirm your selection in your file browser.

This will upload all the media. The process might take a little while depending on how much media I have.

Once it is completed, you will see something similar to the image below: Alt text

If that is what it resembles, congratulations!