How to Create a New Property

This guide will teach you how to add a new Web Property through the Account Manager interface. Please note that this guide will not teach you how to add custom templates.

  1. From the Accounts Manager interface, click the green "+ New Web Property" button.

accounts manager interface

  1. Enter a name for your new property in the text box that's provided. When you're finished click the green 'Create' button.

text box to name your new property

  1. Scroll through the available Blueprints and select one for your new property.

select a Blueprint screen

Confirm your selection by clicking the green "Yes" button. Once you confirm your selection you'll be returned to the Accounts Manager interface.

confirm selected blueprint

  1. To begin working with your new Property click the "Open Manager" button. This will open so you can start working on your new Property. Please note that you must click

accounts manager interface with property selected