Zesty.io Platform Guides

The guides are comprised of different categories including API, Learn Parsley, Website Optimization, and more. Each category contains different guides, that have step by step instructions or information that's needed to accomplish the task of building out a property (Zesty.io for 'website'), as well as actively maintaining your property.

All of the features covered are contained with in the Site Manager which is the application that you will use to build and edit your properties.


Learn about our Basic API JSON Endpoints

Basic API JSON Endpoints

Getting Started

Get an introduction to the Zesty.io Site Manager
Learn how to create a property, the Zesty.io coding process, and more

Getting Started with Zesty.io How to Create a New Instance How to use the Visual Sitemap tool Introduction to the Zesty.io Site Manager Learn the Zesty.io Coding Process Setting up Two-Factor Authentication Staging / Version Control Upload Multiple Images What is Zesty Your First Zesty Site

Learn Parsley

Learn how to create and use variables, use each loops, create forms, and more

Each Loop Syntax Deep Dive Understanding & Using Parsley Variables

Migrating A Site

Learn how to migrate a site from WordPress, import your HTML and styles, import media files, importing CSV data,

Extract a CSV from WordPress Import a WordPress Blog CSV Into Zesty.io Import Media into Zesty.io Importing your HTML and Styles Migrate from WordPress to Zesty.io Uploading / Importing CSV Data

Website Features

Learn how to create a lead form, search page, curated social feed, or simple pagination.

Creating a Lead Form Creating a Search Page Curated Social Feed Simple Pagination

Website Optimization

Learn how to personalize a users experience through Google Webmasters integrations, with cookies or sessions, or a lead form.

Personalization Example Using Cookies Personalization using Session Variables Personalization with JavaScript Cookies Personalization: Accessing Geolocation Zesty.io Google Webmasters Integration