Creating a Lead Form

This guide walks through creating a lead capture form which will store the data entered in the form to Zesty and send an email to the website marketing manager.

Creating a Search Page

This guide shows how to create a search results page within Zesty, demonstrating with a zipcode search example.

Curated Social Feed

Learn about Zesty's social features and how to setup up a curated social feed of content from your social networks.

Each Loop Syntax Deep Dive

In this guide we are going to be fleshing out the details of the available functionality and the required syntax for more complex each statements.

Import Media into

This guide shows how to upload media from your computer into a Web Property

Importing your HTML and Styles

This guide will help you import content and styles from other websites through drag and dropping code into the editior

Introduction to the Site Manager

Introduction to the Site Manager

Learn the Coding Process

Learn how to navigate to build a website

Personalization Example Using Cookies

Setting up personalization is easy in Zesty and very powerful at a very basic level. This guide walks you through setting up personalization using cookies and if logic.

Personalization using Session Variables

When a user has cookies disabled, or their ad blocker blocks cookies, your best to use session variables to ensure personalization works for them. This guide will show you how to use session variables in Zesty to do just that.

Personalization with JavaScript Cookies

In the event where you want to store a cookie based on a user action without passing a link, you would need to use JavaScript. This guide explains how to setup cookies using JavaScript, and later how to use logic to control personalization.

Personalization: Accessing Geolocation through the Browser

If a user's browser has access to the W3C Geoloction API, you can learn the latitude and longitude of a user through a couple simple Javascript function. This article gives you the example functions, and how to access latitude and longitude values.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

For that extra step of security, set up two-factor authentication. This article will show a user how to enable two-factor authentication on their account.

Simple Pagination

When there are too many pages or entries of a dataset to show on one page, using pagination provides users a great way of accessing the rest of that content. This lesson will show you how to add next a previous buttons on a page to update what content is

Staging / Version Control

Zesty has a development staging environment and a live production environment.

Understanding and Using Parsley Variables

Using Parsley variables is one of the best ways to make a page dynamic while keeping the code clean. With variables you can reuse most of the code on the page and only update the aspects you want to change based on inputs.

Upload Multiple Images

Zesty's media tab allows you to upload many files at once. This tutorial shows you how.

Uploading / Importing CSV Data offers a CSV import tool for data, and mass media uploading for data that includes images.

What is Zesty

Check out this article to get an understanding of what the Zesty platform is and the features it offers.

Your First Zesty Site

A quick guide on how to set up your first site with Zesty which covers creating an account, setting up your first web property, creating pages with the visual sitemap and customizing templates in the editor. Google Webmasters Integration

This guide shows how to set up 301 redirect links from your Wordpress website to