Add, organize and remove your site assets from the Media tab. Please note the following:

  • All uploaded files must be 500MB or smaller
  • When uploading large files be aware that we currently do not support upload resuming

Throughout this document I use the word "image", however you can upload many different file formats including but not limited to GIF, JPG/JPEG, SVG, PNG, TIFF, MP4, MP3, WMV, RAR, PSD, and ZIP.

Uploading Media

There are many ways to upload media. The most consistent way is through the Media Uploader. In the upper left-hand corner of the Media section there is an "Upload Files" button.

Clicking the "Upload Files" button allows you to select multiple files to upload to your Library.

Another option for uploading images is to drag and drop them into the body of the Media tab interface.

Once the files are uploaded they can quickly and easily be accessed in the Content section by selecting the page, page group, or dataset that you want to add your image to, selecting the field, and adding the image.

If you need to change the name of a file after it's been uploaded take these steps, simply change the filename and title.

Upload From WYSIWYG Field

To upload an image in a WYSIWYG field, click on folder & magnifying glass icon in the toolbar. This will allow you to upload a new image and to add that image to your WYSIWYG. By selecting the image that you just uploaded you can choose to insert that image into your WYSIWYG.

Upload From Image/Edit Field

When you click on the image icon in the toolbar a small modal will popup and allow you to upload and/or modify an image that you've already inserted into your WYSIWYG.

On the first tab General, there is a textbox to enter a URL for a new image, a textbox for entering an image description, and two boxes to enter dimensions. upload and edit image modal General tab with options for uploading a new image, adding an image description, and resizing

On the second tab Advanced, you'll see a textbox to enter styling, as well as textboxes to modify the vertical and horizontal margin around the image and to add a border-width.

In addition to the options that are show on the tab, you can also type you own styles in to the Styles textbox just as you would with any other CSS rules. For example, you could add border-radius: 10px; or border: solid 2px black; to textbox to add a border radius and border to your image. upload and edit image modal Advanced tab with options for adding a vertical and/or horizontal margin and a border-margin

The animated GIF below will show you how to use the modal to insert a new image using a URL and to resize and add margin around images.

Helpful Terms To Know

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