Integrations & WebHooks has multiple ways to integrate into pre-existing sales and marketing applications, or your own custom rolled integrations. All of our examples will be leveraging GitHub and Heroku, if you do not have an account, use these links to sign up for free: GitHub Signup & Heroku Signup


WebHooks are a convenient way to send a payload of data back and forth from one software to another software. Learn more about WebHooks here. What's neat about WebHooks is that they are processed in the background. So, your website will load just as fast as before, even if your WebHook takes 5 seconds to communicate with another API.

Integrations has a many pre-fabricated integrations, and as part of our enterprise level service, we will create seamless integrations that do not exist yet. For the Launch program, some integrations are available, for those that are not, has methods and tutorials that show you how to integrate any outside project into your website.

Helpful Terms To Know

Integrations & WebHooks: Getting Started