Meta Tags

Adding and editing your pages meta tags is a core feature of Zesty. Every Page, Pageset and Datasets, to an extent, have meta tag fields automatically provided.

Keywords, Title, Description Meta Tags

From the Content tab you can select a page to edit and you'll find the meta fields available to be set on the right hand column of the edit view. From this view you can edit the page title, page description and keywords. The page title and description are the values search engines will use when displaying the page in search results. So it's very important to provide concise and meaningful content. This will give your site visitors an indication of the information they will receive on the page.

Keywords have had a sordid past and as such are not typically considered highly by search engines. Still they are useful and should be provided. The general rule of thumb is to provide from 1 - 15 keywords. Rand Fishkin of has an excellent article on how many keywords you should target.

Custom Meta Tags

You can also add an arbitrary number of meta tags from the Code Editor. Within the editor click on the footer drawer to open up a sub-view that allows controlling custom meta tags. These are globally added meta tags and as such is a great place to provide development specific meta information. i.e. viewport, device, character set, etc...

Code editor footer drawer.


You can add a site favicon in the Code Editor. Click the "Doctype / Favicon / Metatags" button near the bottom of the editor and upload a 16X16 png or ico image.