Zesty.io Platform Documentation

The documentation is comprised of different sections, starting with Integrations and Webhooks, all the way to Internationalization. Each section contains different articles, that have step by step instructions, or information needed to accomplish the task of building out a website (often called Web Property inside Zesty.io) using Zesty.io, as well as actively maintaining your web property

All of the features covered are contained with in the Site Manager application of Zesty.io. This is the application from which you will build and edit your web properties.

Zesty.io Accounts and Site Manager

Zesty.io is comprised of two applications, Accounts and Site Manager.. Each serving two different, but important functions.


The Accounts application allows you to administrate Ecosystems, Satellites, users and agency permissions.

Site Manager

Every Satellite site has it's own instance of the Site Manager application.